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We're living in the age of technology. There is no single moment on our life that we're not depending on modern technology, either directly or indirectly.

Computer or PC is one of those tech. In our daily life computer has a special spot. We use this device for many purposes. For entertainment, office work, and students school projects computer plays a important role.

But like all other technology or electronics this also not immune to damage.

A person who loves PC he or she knows, when a computer doesn't work it's kind a nightmare. And the most important thing is that it's really tough to get a dedicated pc repair service. Plus, the pricing in some cases are really high.

That's where we step in, we Tech Source Canada is the most top rated company for computer repair services. Though we're also the biggest and oldest computer store in Ontario, Canada.

Let's introduce us a little bit. So you may know who we are.

Who are we?

Tech Source Canada is one of the largest computer store in Ontario. It's been over a decade we're in this business. Our product and services has earned well reputation. And over the years we have also earned the trust of our client.

In our store we have all the electronic devices. If you visit our store you'll see a wide range of PC and laptop collection. We also sell computer and laptop hardware. Like, monitor, RAM, motherboard and cooling fans.

You'll get refurbished phone and repair services. For cell phone we just do two types of repairs (Battery repair and Screen repair). We also have home appliances.

Our main repairing section is PC and laptop repair. We're one of the dedicated PC repair shop, so you can trust with your beloved computer or laptop. Like our large computer store, our repairing section is also huge.

We have experts, who can repair your computer without damaging it. And we provide hassle free services at a reasonable prices.

So, what's make us the very best in the business? Following terms makes us the best computer store:

  • We have the best resources and tools to repair computers.
  • We repair all kinds of computers in North York.
  • Almost all customers are satisfied.
  • Tech Source Provide the best pricing.
  • We have best warranty.
  • We use certified hardwar for repairing computers.
  • Expert technicians with years of experience.
  • Fast repairing services.
  • Plus, you'll get a friendly environment.

Our PC repair services

In our shop, you'll find every type of repair. These listed services we do the most:

1. Motherboard repair

2. Liquid Damage

3. Overheating, BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) random lockups, crashes, not booting

4. Logic Board Repair

5. Emergency Disaster Recovery

6. Virus/Malware Removal

7. Data Retrieval Remedies

8. Remote Computer Support

9. Hardware/Software Upgrades

10. Fix OS-related issues for Windows 7 and 10 such as boot loops, stuck at repair screen, lock-ups, freezing, devices not working etc.

11. Cooling fans replacement, overheating, etc.

12. Restore your computer to full health by removing viruses, malware, toolbars, pop-ups, search-engine take-overs etc.

13. Restoring internet connections, wireless problems, drop-offs etc.

14. Performance boosting upgrades like Solid State SSD drives, more memory

15. Replacement of seized fans and copper heat-pipe assemblies

16. Hard drive replacement

17. Cleaning of dust-clogged internals, fans, heatsinks.

18. CD/DVD Drive

19. iTunes account backup, recovery, and transfer to a new PC or Mac.

20. Resetting of forgotten/lost Windows password or restoring admin rights to computer

21. Backing up or wiping of your PC data for recycling or passing on to a new owner

22. New Computer Setups

23. Wireless Security Solutions

24. Used Electronics Disposal

25. And many more (if that problem exists).


As a computer store, we know how to handle a computer. So, you don't have to worry about your damaged computer anymore. Our quality services will fix it asap!

If you need PC repair services, Just give us a visit or call.


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