Countries where you'll get an iPad at a cheap price


Apple has built so many electronic devices over the years. iPad is one of those electronic gadgets. And this one is pretty famous among children and adults. Why wouldn't be? It works smoothly for both entertainment and office work.

iPad is well known for its unique and sleek design. People go crazy over its appearance and performance.

There is another well-known fact about the iPad is "Sometimes it may cost you a fortune". It's really expensive, especially since the new version will cost you over $500.

Few countries around the world do sell iPads at a cheaper rate. Do you want to know which ones? Then keep scrolling, here comes the top 5 countries where you can get an iPad at a cheaper price.

1. Australia

At the first position, we have Australia. Many people got surprised when they heard about this. Because Australia is a really expensive place.

iPad price in Australia is reasonable and people of all age loves to use iPad. I think maybe this is the reason why the iPad is cheaper in Australia.

If companies got to sell at a huge margin, it's fair to sell products at a cheaper price. That's why you can attract more customers.

So, it's a good strategy, though there is an issue of trust.

Because there is a chance of getting cheap quality products. So, before purchasing an iPad please do check nicely. If you're satisfied with the quality go for it.

2. South Korea

South Korea is known as "Tech City". You'll find so many next-level gadgets in South Korea. And people love to buy gadgets. And as we all know this is the home of "Samsung".

Apple has taken its place in a different position in the international market. Retailers and wholesalers compete to buy Apple products. But in South Korea, you'll see a different picture. Do you know why?

Samsung has a bigger audience than Apple. As I have said earlier that Samsung is the national brand of South Korea when it comes to Smartphones and tablets.

And this is the main reason for the cheaper price of the iPad in South Korea.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its "Causeway Bay". The tallest buildings and exclusive shopping malls are pretty famous. People love to visit this place for these beauties.

In Hong Kong, you'll get electronic devices at a cheap price. Especially when it comes to Apple products.

As we are talking today about the iPad, so we'll stick with the iPad. We'll talk about other electronics maybe other sometime.

iPad price in Hong Kong is really affordable and you'll find a wide range of collections in every store.

You can buy refurbished iPads at a really cheap price here in Hong Kong. And this refurbished iPad looks completely new.

So, if you ever visit Hong Kong don't forget to get an iPad.

4. Sri Lanka

At the number 4th position we have Sri Lanka. This south Asian country is well known for its beautiful lakes and hill tracks. This country produces half of its GDP through tourists.

This south Asian country has popularity in electronic gadgets and devices.

As we all know its current economic situation is not that great but don't judge by looking at the cover. People are still crazy about buying new electronic devices and smartphones. Especially when it comes to Apple products.

People here love Apple accessories and gadgets. iPad is one of the popular devices in Sri Lanka. In Colombo, you'll find lots of Apple stores.

And all of those stores are always filled with customers.

iPad price in Sri Lanka is really reasonable. Almost every store in Colombo is authorized and certified. So, you don't have to worry about the quality of the products.

5. Japan

At number five we have Japan. Japan is popular for its culture and beautiful weather. People love to visit Japan.

Over the years Japan has become one of the most high-tech countries. They have next-generation technology in their country.

Japan's electronic devices, motor vehicles, and smartphones are world-famous.

The only reason behind this much popularity is "quality". The quality of their electronic product is on another level. Many western countries' tech giant companies have their factory and branch in Japan.

Like all the companies Apple also has set a landmark in japan. The peoples of Japan loves Apple products and accessories. In Japan you'll get two types of Apple products; one is the US variant and another one is the Japan variant.

iPad is one of the best-selling products in Japan. And its pricing in Japan is not so expensive compared to other 1st world countries.

So, if you ever visit Japan get an iPad for yourself or your children.


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