How to get the most money for your old iPhone


As an Apple user, this tutorial will explain how to sell an old iPhone so that you may obtain the best possible price when you wish to upgrade or switch brands and get the most money back. Use this guide to get the most out of your pre-owned devices.

How to sell a second-hand iPhone

If you own a newer iPhone model, such as the iPhone 11, and want to upgrade, you could lose a lot of money. This is because newer devices, such as cars, depreciate rapidly in their first year.

Previously, selling an iPhone that was about to become obsolete with the latest version of iOS was a primary concern. However, Apple has halted this for the time being and confirmed that iOS 14 would remain compatible with the iPhone 6S and later, just as iOS 13 did.

Completely clean your iPhone

First, you shouldn't just throw your phone in a box and send it out. That would be a very undesirable occurrence. Before you can begin selling the iPhone, all of its data must first be wiped clean and restored to its original factory settings. Even though Apple has a robust security system, you shouldn't risk having any of your sensitive data accessed by unauthorized parties. To reset your iPhone, navigate Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings and follow the on-screen instructions.

Sell it through Craigslist, eBay, etc.

Craigslist, eBay, and other online classified ads are terrific options if you're looking to sell your phone. As long as you're ready to cope with the avalanche of spam and odd emails, you'll have access to many people who want to buy your old iPhone, regardless of its state.

In contrast to other online marketplaces, Craigslist and eBay let you know just how much your iPhone is worth. This is the best and fastest method if you're looking to sell your iPhone in a specific location. Many customers are prepared to pay your asking price on Craigslist to avoid paying freight and waiting.

You may also want to check out Swappa. Ads can be posted for no cost. A website staff member must review each listing before it can be published. The price is included in the pricing, and shipping expenses must be added. You have two days from the time you accept an offer to ship the phone.

Sell it in stores and get credit

If you are ready to take store credit instead of cash, many businesses will give you a card with money on it rather than handing you cash because they would rather have your company. You will typically be required to go through a device appraisal procedure, after which they will offer you an offer to buy your old gadget to use as payment for a brand new iPhone or other devices.

Online retailers such as Amazon and Apple each have their version of a program that allows customers to pay for part of a new phone by trading in an old one. Other retailers can also obtain credit to buy other products through Walmart, GameStop, Verizon, and Best Buy. It is essential to remember that the amount of money you will be paid will be contingent not only on the age and quality of your equipment but also on the timing and location of your return.

Tech Source Canada can be the best computer store for selling your iPhone device if you are in Canada. We're the No.1 Electronics Liquidator in Canada. You can find us just by searching for a liquidator near me.

Sell it to a company

If you're still not convinced, other online companies will buy your old cell phone for the money. Most of these organizations require you to provide your phone's details (such as the phone's operator, the memory, and the phone's condition) to receive any offer.

Please print the shipping label with the company's address if you're okay with that. You'll be paid via PayPal for your time and effort in a week. List of services that don't demand as much time and effort:

  • Decluttr
  • Gazelle
  • Glyde
  • uSell
  • UpTrade
  • BuybackBoss

Other alternatives

You can save time using tools like Flipsy or SellCell, which allow you to see offers and quickly determine the best one. The issue is that it does not cover all Internet pages. Flipsy is another similar website. You can also try our Phoneji, a phone repair shop that buys used cell phones.

LuxuryX also is the best option for selling an iPhone. They have the iPhone price in Sri Lanka. So, you'll get a reasonable price from them also.

How much is your old iPhone worth?

To give an accurate comparison, we choose to look at the prices you can acquire (until October 16, 2020) for an unlocked iPhone X 64GB on AT&T, iPhone XS 256GB, and iPhone 11 128GB on Verizon. These costs assume that the phone is in good working order, has a charger, and includes a cable.

Although the prices we find on eBay can sometimes be even higher than those we disclose, as auctions change often, costs can also decrease. The exchanges that Amazon offers have some reasonable prices, but the credit is only valid for purchases made on the website. Except when otherwise specified, all of them are cash offers.

Based on data gathered by Average Finder, the eBay prices displayed here are averages. Remember that you'll also need to factor in commissions, shipping, and packing expenses.

Some advice

  • Sell fast: The less money you get for your old iPhone, the longer you keep it in your possession. Second-hand iPhones for sale appear on a wide range of websites whenever a new model is unveiled. This is how the law of supply and demand is applied. You can count on getting less money in the future. In some cases, the price you specify will not be changed, and you will be given a 30-day window to ship the equipment.
  • Do your homework right: Always be on the lookout for deals, and hold off on selling until you've negotiated the most excellent possible price. If you don't mind being given a gift card to spend at a particular store, it's worth doing, as the amount of money you'll receive is typically more significant than any other cash offer.

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